Entry #1

Best animation of the month nominee!

2017-04-01 12:45:12 by StephenHutchins

I was selected to be part of the voting panal for best cartoons/games of March! 

I'm not sure how to get selected or how many people do as I've never been selected before but as I was voting I found out both my new cartoons, "Burgatory" and "The Last Customer" were nominated.

If you happen to be on the panal as well I would really appreciate it if you could check my shorts out and consider them for a vote.



Thanks for the support! I've already started working on the next short.

Here's the links if you haven't seen them. 


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2017-04-02 05:42:59

Hey, there's a Italian guy who took your video and made 16k on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqPYuXuKoq8

StephenHutchins responds:

It's cool man, I gave him permission. I'm happy to get an audience like that in a country that would have otherwise never been able to consume It.

Good looking though man I really appreciate it.